Our story

We dream big! Proud to be a part of 40 years history in real estate, we created New Work in 2012 to embark on a new ambitious journey. We imagined offices to become places of power for businesses to launch, grow and succeed. Finding a home for your business should be as easy as booking a room in hotels and we beleived that our clients should not be served, but cared for. From 1 location in Budapest, to over 20 in 5 countries, we are moving on to share the dream we live with more and more teams, companies and achievers.

Hubert Abt

CEO & Founder

Agility in work, driven by digitalization and change of work habits require flexibility in work environment and related services. New Work provides integral and horizontal work space solutions for corporate clients and landlords, as well as simple flex office solutions for small and midsize companies. Our clients can count on our international experience and high standards with local provenance.
Hubert Abt, Founder

Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform workspace solutions into experience that drives businesses.

Our Promise

We say: "Rent opportunities, not Sqm" and walk what we talk. Easier, smarter, better!

Our Passion

Every day we ask ourselves what we are going to do tomorrow to make our service better. Cause this is our passion- to care always, not once.

Our Vibes

At our DNA we operate on trust, going extra miles and taking courage to do common things uncommonly well.

Our team

From forward- thinking strategists to funky designers, smiling receptionists and everyone in between - we are a team. Fun-loving, ever-helpful and exerting every effort to create a happy place for work not only for our clients, but for each of us. We don't aim to be perfect, but genuine in our aspiration to help every member of our team write their own success story.

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